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Baxter Blue

We’re on a mission to help people live well, in this increasingly digital life.

Helping people is the reason we exist – it’s what started Baxter Blue and what inspires us each day. We want digital wellbeing to become part of life, because when you work, play, learn and connect on screen as much as we do, digital stress can feel pretty normal. But it doesn’t have to be. With the knowledge, science and great products to enhance the everyday digital experience we can all embrace a healthier digital life.

Join us as we make digital wellbeing a part of your daily self-care routine.

Giving Back

With great innovation comes great responsibility, and we’ve partnered with Restoring Vision to give the gift of vision and so far have donated over 135,240 pairs of glasses to those in need. We believe in the powerful potential of commerce - so thank you for being part of this vision!

A Thoughtful Approach

Because there’s no excuse not to. Biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, dissolvable. Technology for the future and a future for our planet.

In science we trust, in style we trend. Built on research and backed by science, our lens technology is tried, tested, and proven.

Proud to be part of the give-back revolution. The future looks clearer with every frame.

Featured collection

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Baxter Blue Crane
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Baxter Blue Wells
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Billie (Biodegradable)Billie (Biodegradable)
Baxter Blue Billie (Biodegradable)
Sale price$163.90 AUD
Heated Neck WrapHeated Neck Wrap
Baxter Blue Heated Neck Wrap
Sale price$75.90 AUD
Laptop StandLaptop Stand
Baxter Blue Laptop Stand
Sale price$75.00 AUD
Baxter Blue Spencer
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Baxter Blue Carter
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Baxter Blue Nat
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Baxter Blue Lane
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Baxter Blue Lola
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Baxter Blue Addison
Sale price$132.00 AUD
Bailey (Sleeps Lens)Bailey (Sleeps Lens)
Baxter Blue Bailey (Sleeps Lens)
Sale price$132.00 AUD

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