Who we are

Collagen Straight Up is our answer to a search for a quality, evidence-based collagen product.

We are proud to be an Australian owned business and are committed to providing the highest quality health and wellness products to complement your healthy lifestyle.

With so many different brands of collagen on the market making bold promises, we proudly set ourselves apart, relying entirely on scientific evidence.

Why Us?

Our unique brand is 100% pure hydrolysed collagen peptides, sustainably sourced and free from hormones and antibiotics. We don't add any gimmicky pseudo-supplements. Our collagen peptides have been used in clinical research and they speak for themselves, being absorbed more effectively than other sources because of their optimally low molecular weights. We pride ourselves on using only the very best collagen peptides, working with manufacturing partners who only source the best, raw materials.

When it comes to serving size, our recommendation is based on what the research tells us. 10g of collagen per day is optimal to reduce fine lines, increase skin elasticity and hydration, speed up the recovery process and drastically improve performance. And you know that every gram is collagen, straight up.

Our Passion and Promise

We proudly provide you with a no nonsense, additive free, 100% pure product – and as our name suggests, its Collagen, Straight Up.

Our passion comes not only from several decades, combined, working in the sporting industry watching athletes push their bodies to the limits, but also the fearless pursuit of good quality science.

Our promise to you is that our brand will always put quality and integrity above economic pressures or gimmick marketing.

Our Thoughtful Approach

Our founders have all experienced the athlete journey at different stages and importance of nutrition in an athlete's journey from the very beginning is highly underrated.

Performance is is underpinned by health and our passion lies in building the foundations of athlete health in order to achieve true potential.

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