I aim to travel to England in September and complete an international tour with West Ham United. I plan to trial with them and other premier clubs during my travels.

I want to play as many soccer matches as possible and travel with my soccer.
I am committed and dedicated to the work needed to succeed.

I am passionate about soccer and my future career. I enjoy the focus, the hard training and the rewards. I learn from every experience, even the tough ones.

My ultimate goal as I grow older is to qualify and represent Australia to play in the World Cup; my small goals are to keep improving with each game and experience.


Amongst some of my achievements, I won State and World (local) Junior Pro Futsal Championships in 2022 and the Pro Futsal Champions League. I was also selected to represent Australia in Spain's Junior Pro Futsal World Championship.

I made it through regionals and national camps to be selected for West Ham United's international tour.

I love competing and playing in many of Perth's local soccer competitions. I am proud to have made the international team with West Ham United and excited to play in England this year.

Health Focus

Being healthy and active is important for not only your body and how you look but also your mental health and how you feel daily.
I'm still young but focused and train multiple days a week at my club. I have to fuel my body well for energy and muscle repair and stay injury-free, so eating nutritious foods that fuel my body is important to me.

Soccer can be hard on the whole body, physically and mentally, so staying healthy and fit is important. To do so, I engage in activities such as magnesium baths and aqua exercises to help me longevity in my chosen sport.

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Thank You

I want to thank my family, coaches and friends that are supporting me through my journey as an elite athlete. Thank you to the HSS Team and Perth Wellness Centre for coming on board and supporting my growth as a young athlete.

Without the help of my family, friends, community and sponsors, I cannot achieve what I do, let alone travel the world for my sport.

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