Madison Paige

Just turned 24. I started mountain biking as a weekend cruiser 2nd year of university, back in 2019 and now Im hooked. I have a lot of interests outside of biking too, I love reading, gyming, hiking, horse riding and travelling. I am studying Chartered Accountancy and work full time as an internal auditor, but given the amount of time i take off for racing it works out to be more part time work. I love to try new things as I tend to get bored easily, my latest adventure is giving BMX racing a try.


My goal is to never limit myself. When I started mountain biking I never thought I’d enter a local race now I am racing at international events. In 2024 I will flying out to Europe for World Cup downhill, hopefully racing enduro World Series and when the crankworxs schedule is released I aim to race a few crankworxs rounds too. Any money i receive will go straight towards racing. What makes me special is despite my fear I never give up. 2 years ago I had an accident on my bike which resulted in 3 compression fractures in my spine, 12 facial fractures and sprained ligaments in my neck. I never mentally recovered from the accident and it haunts me every day, despite this I show up and try my best and every day it gets easier and easier. I still struggle with pain time to time, if I crash it usually results in whiplash regardless of how serious the crash is. I have always been a passionate person and I put 100% into everything I do. I wake up 3.30 am Monday to Friday to gym for 1.5 hrs minimum and I cycle 1.5 hours minimum 5 days a week have a skills day the other day. I have a strong team behind me to back me, my team is the only reason i can achieve what I achieve, I doubt myself a lot standing up against girls who are professionals , who have been racing all their lives, whose job it is to ride, whereas I have 1.5 years racing experience, but my team is always there to reassure me and see to my every need, and help me to see the massive amount of progress I make every day and at every race.


I have won and podiumed many local state series rounds, I have placed top 5 for pump track nationals, top 10 in dual slalom, pump track and downhill at crankworxs this year, and placed top 5 in my age category for an enduro World Series qualifier.

Health Focus

I’ve always been very health conscious, even as a little kid. When i was in grade 3 i announced i would no longer drink fizzy drinks because I didn’t like what the sugar did. Not long after that i announced I would no longer eat red meat, and it slowly progressed to me now being vegan. Health is important to me because I love the way I feel being healthy. I love having energy, strength and motivation. I love where my health can take me. There’s a lot in this world which can limit you and your health shouldn’t be added to that. Being healthy means more time on the bike, less injury and less chance of getting sick. I prioritise healthy eating, drinking lots of water, walking and trying to stay as active as possible. I am a firm believer that if you look after your body your body will look after you.

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone supporting me, without the help of my sponsors, my friends and my family I can’t achieve what I achieve, let alone achieve my dreams. I never thought when I first started riding I would race at the level I’m now racing. I would watch the riders on red Bull tv and think that could never be me and now I’ve been on redbull tv. I hope whoever supports me never lets anyone limit them. Every day matters so don’t waste it.

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