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By launching this campaign, my objective is not only to alleviate some of the anticipated financial strain I will face each year, but also to garner support from local and interstate communities. Additionally, I aim to secure sponsorships from businesses that offer products integral to my daily training regimen. While these sponsorships may yield monetary benefits, my primary motivation lies in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with businesses whose products have played a crucial role in my journey as an athlete. Supporting a business that has contributed to my success holds greater significance to me than just financial gains.

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I am starting this campaign to alleviate some of the financial constraints associated with my participation in competition as an elite athlete, competing both nationally and internationally. The costs involved, including flight expenses, accommodation, food, and boat transportation can reach exorbitant amounts, often totalling thousands of dollars for each individual competition, regardless of whether it is domestic or international.

Health Focus

Growing up, my life was marked by constant movement, spanning across Australia and extending to other countries including Spain and England. In navigating this lifestyle, I was often presented with a recurring challenge: adapting to new environments, continuously meeting unfamiliar faces, and integrating into already established social circles. These struggles left me with various insecurities, often exacerbated by my inability to find common ground with those my age, as I was typically involved with individuals years older than me.

As such, the marked age difference brought about my distinctions, typically casting me as the odd one out. I often refrained from engaging in the typical teenage habits, leading me to being perceived as different and, at times, weaker.

My ambitions, skills and hobbies were often misunderstood through the lack of commonalities I shared with those around me, yet were perceived as the norm within the high intensity sports I participated in. These rigorous daily training sessions and dedication to my crafts, though uncommon, were integral to shaping my identity.

The ability to cultivate success as an elite athlete is something I have always strived towards, and is solidified by achievements including earning a second dan black belt in taekwondo, competing at regional level in swimming, and exploring diverse sports such as skiing, rugby, soccer and golf.

This can be explained by my consistent recollection of the year 2012, where at the age of seven, I watched my first ever Olympics; a moment that profoundly shaped my relentless pursuit for success in every aspect of life.

The aspiration to one day be a part of the Olympic dream is more than just a personal goal; it symbolises the culmination of unwavering commitments, and the belief that every push and sacrifice will eventually materialise into a defining moment.

Thank You

I extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has been an integral part of my journey, supporting me both as an athlete and an individual. The unwavering support from WAIS, my sponsors, my friends, and, above all, my family, has been instrumental in turning my dreams into a reality.

A special thank you is also due to Community Quest for their generous support, not only in sharing my story but also in providing me with an incredible opportunity.

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