Natalie & James Bonallack

Hi! We are Natalie and James, Perth locals who together with our daughter Isobel, are embarking on an amazing overseas adventure in 2024. Our plan is to relocate to Tajikistan, a developing country of some 9 million people located in central Asia.

The purpose of this campaign is to fund our relocation costs and initial living costs in Tajikistan. There we’ll be involved in community development projects to provide practical assistance to this impoverished region. Initially, we will be volunteering at the only government-funded children’s rehabilitation centre in the country. Beyond this, our hope is to be involved in setting up regional centres for rehabilitation in the severely underdeveloped Pamir Mountain Ranges of Tajikistan.

Why Tajikistan ??
There is a desperate need for trained rehab professionals in this country. Training of allied health professionals within Tajikistan is extremely limited with only a handful of overseas trained OTs and physios in the whole country. There are high rates of cerebral palsy and birth-related disabilities. Many people with disabilities are kept at home out of sight, due to social stigma and access limitations. Providing practical solutions to social injustice is something we are both passionate about and so we have decided to spend at least the next few years investing in this country.

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Our passion for this work started a long time ago, as students who felt a call to be involved in helping the less fortunate in the more forgotten parts of the world. To this end, we have both spent time living cross-culturally, and in focussed training to gain skills for helping practically in places of need. From 2012 - 2017, we spent 5 years studying, volunteering and working as English teachers. During that time, we made frequent visits to rural mountainous areas, visiting friends we had made in the cities, and providing health education to families in need.

Personal Profiles

Natalie is a senior occupational therapist with 14+ years of experience working in a variety of rehabilitation areas both in Perth and overseas. Most recently, she was the Senior OT for the community rehabilitation services at Royal Perth Bentley Group Hospital. She has extensive experience in neurological, cognitive and multi-trauma rehabilitation.

James is a trained carpenter and school teacher. He has a passion to see education improve the lives of young people throughout the world and feels education should focus not only on academic achievement, but on developing well rounded and resilient young people who can bring change to the world. His faith inspires him to see others develop to their full potential, particularly the underprivileged.

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Thank You

Thanks to all of you for choosing to support us on this journey. We are deeply grateful for the help and support from so many, and particularly the Community Quest team. In helping us get to Tajikistan, you are also a part of this powerful work of empowering the marginalised and less privileged peoples of our world. Your impact will be long lasting, and deeply appreciated by so many.

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