The Newtrition Co. when we were educated of the importance of protein to support muscle growth and recovery as we began our fitness journey at a local crossfit gym.

We were advised that we needed a certain amount of protein per kg of bodyweight and I could not get my head around eating so much meat!!
So I started supplementing with many different plant protein powders, they were either too sweet, too grainy, chalky and simply not pleasant to drink

This is when we found a gap in the market for clean organic, delicious protein powder that wasn't overly sweet like the others.

We want to create clean products that nourish and support all facets of fitness and lifestyle and educate the people around us why clean nutrition is important to thrive today and our future.

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  • Organic Protein sources
  • Clean, natural ingredients
  • Made in Australia

Health Focus

We are passionate about health and wellbeing because looking after our bodies through a variety of foods and supplementation (when necessary) fuels the activities, fitness and busy lives we have.

HSS is doing the good deeds by helping young aspiring athletes with financial support whereby finances comes quite difficult when they're new or still rising in their chosen sporting career.

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