Zachary Scampoli

Hi, My name is Zachary Scampoli. I'm a Soft Tissue Occupational Therapist and a Soccer Player. Doing my best to hold my team together.

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Goal/Mission to have optimal health and continue playing soccer to my best ability.

My moustache that work hates stands out the most..

Drives: I enjoy sport and exercise very much. Being able to volunteer for my soccer club and help athletes improve their health contributes to my wellbeing.

Passion: Helping and seeing people improve in clinic makes me want to do better for myself.


12022 Amateur Cup Final Winners

22014 and 2015 State Futsal Team representative

Health Focus

Being healthy and active is important to my enjoyment in playing soccer for as long as I can.

Being healthy to me, means being completely rid of injury and illness and being able to exercise to my best ability.

Strength training combined with soccer has really helped my performance, as well as self-care activities and products such as magnesium.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who support myself and the healthcare journey!
Most importantly, a big thank you to HSS for their incredible contribution to providing healthcare to the community and those in need.

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