Our Story

the Community Quest journey


About Us

Community Quest is a platform established to simplify the process of setting up fundraisers for important causes. It aims to support Australian heroes by providing necessary resources for success. Additionally, it offers donors the opportunity to receive health products as rewards for participating in crowdfunding campaigns. 

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate connections among people from diverse backgrounds and empower those striving to create positive change globally.

Our Vision

Our key focus is to cultivate communities that inspires others and fulfil their crowdfunding goals.

We hope you can join, support and share in on our quest to giving back our first $1,000,000.

How it all began

Our founders recognised that volunteers were making a difference in the lives of others and uplifting the community spirit. In the early days, the journey began with a simple mission to help supply Sporting Clubs with health products from First Aid supplies to supplements. 

Overtime, they learnt that they message that sporting clubs and charities were worth backing. They knew that these organizations were trying to set a great examples for others to get inspired and follow suit. 

Through this, they discovered that local athletes and charities were struggling to raise the essential funds to continue their mission. This would commonly lead to volunteer burnout, low growth environments and ultimately lead to these wonderful communities being unable to conduct their own activities.

Meet Our Team

Wayne Sun
Cheran Ruben
Ben Kwong
Head of Growth
Hannah Chew
Head of Logistics
Patrick Dang
Design Director

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