Andrew Miu

My name is Andrew and I am a passionate indoor climber and recreational cyclist. Most of my climbing experience is with bouldering and top rope, but I would love to get involved with lead climbing. I started cycling to commute to work this year and have developed a passion and love for the sport.  I aim to take both climbing and cycling to the next level and participate in competitive events.

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My fitness journey started back in 2016 when I was diagnosed with Gout at the age of 24. Since then, I have been managing my diet and nutrition while exercising and improving my fitness to help reduce gout attacks. I have gone from having frequent attacks resulting in a swollen foot and limited mobility to living a reasonably normal life. Along my fitness journey I have developed a love for indoor climbing and cycling, both becoming a regular part of my life. I dream of pursuing both more actively and eventually making a career out of them.

Along with my passion for sport, I am also quite passionate about giving back to the community. This year I have been facilitating group volunteering events and promoting awareness for impactful charities. 

Events I have successfully organised support for include tree plantings and fundraising events/challenges such as The Push-Up Challenge, Perth City to Surf, and Tour de Kids. I hope to continue raising awareness and funds for impactful charities and organisations. 

Community Focus

Health has become a very high priority for me. I love staying active and challenging myself to continuously improve and perform at my best. Cycling and climbing have become my favourite hobbies as it is quite easy to track my progress as I see myself ride and climb faster, longer, and more difficult routes. Being able to see and feel the progress is highly motivating and helps me push and train myself harder.

I’ve only recently started my work in supporting the community, but the amazing achievements and support that has come through so far have helped motivate and encourage me to continue what I am doing.

I am excited to continue pursuing both my athletic career and continue my support for the community.

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Thank You

All your support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to Community Quest for sharing my story and my mission.

Your support will go towards equipment, coaching, nutrition, events, and anything extra will be paid forward to charities.

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