Cohen Jackson

Hi, I'm Cohen and I am a Sport climber. I have been climbing since I was 8. I Boulder and Lead climb indoors and outdoors, however, my favourite discipline is bouldering. I also have other interests including Junior Kart Racing and I love riding my dirt bike.

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My climbing passion is bouldering. I love the uniqueness of every boulder and trying different ways to solve them. Since 2018 I have qualified for the state team every year, and this year I realised one of my goals which was to make the National Youth team.
As I'm now part of the National Youth Sport Climbing Team, this year I'm heading to Seoul in South Korea to compete for my country. My goal is to compete to the best of my ability and represent Australia with pride.
My ultimate goal is to one day compete at the Olympics now that sport climbing is recognised as an Olympic sport.


Amongst some of my achievements I have won the National Boulder, Lead titles and became the overall champion in 2019. I am 2019, 2020 and 2022 Boulder State champion and recently won the silver in Lead at the2023 Youth National Championships.

I love competing and I enter many of the local climbing competitions in Perth. I am very proud to have made the Australian Youth Team and excited to be competing in Seoul this year.

Health Focus

I'm still young, but I am focused and train 5 days a week at my climbing gym with my coaches. Staying strong and healthy helps with climbing focus and everyday life. I have to fuel my body well for energy, muscle repair and to try and stay injury free. Climbing can be hard on your whole body, physically and mentally that's why it's important to stay healthy and fit.

Thank You

I would like to thank my family, Coaches and friends. Also, the climbing gyms at which I train and the climbing community for supporting me.
Thanks to HSS for supporting me as a sponsor and to everyone who is supporting me through my journey as an elite athlete.

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