Cyrus Milne

My goal is raise money to compete in ultramarathon swims and runs around the world to push the limits of what I’m capable of.

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This year I am competing in 2 marathon swims, a 24hr relay swim event and a 6 day ultra run. Working as a swim coach these events rack up quite the price tag so anything I can do to raise extra money to help the work lift balance. At the same time I get to give back to the community and the people who support me.


- Ultramarathon swimmer 25km (port to pub swim 2019)
- 6 Freestyle 20km Rottnest crossings
- 3rd person to ever complete the Rottnest channel swim using the butterfly stroke.
- Open water competitor and 10km state champion
- English Channel relay 2016

Founder of CyFly butterfly stroke


This fundraiser is important to me because as an athlete who regular competes in big events I am always relying on friends and family to help achieve my goals. This campaign allows me to ease a bit of the financial stress while also being able to give back to the people who support me year after year.

Thank You

Thank you for supporting me in achieving my goals and testing the limits of what I’m capable of

Thank you community quest for providing me and other athletes the opportunity for sponsorship to achieve our goals

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