Douglas Gerber

Your generous contributions to this campaign will play a vital role in fueling my journey as a dedicated figure skater. All funds raised will be meticulously allocated to support my training and competition endeavours. From specialized coaching sessions and ice time to essential equipment and competition fees, your support will directly contribute to honing my skills and competing at the highest level. Your investment in this campaign is an investment in my dreams and aspirations on the ice. Together, we can make every stride, jump, and spin count as I strive for excellence in the world of figure skating. Thank you for being a crucial part of my skating story!

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I am starting this campaign because I am deeply passionate about figure skating and have a burning desire to excel in the sport. Recognizing the financial demands associated with training and competing at a high level, you have chosen to initiate this campaign to seek support from friends, family, and the community. My goal is to secure the necessary funds that will enable me to access quality coaching, sufficient practice time on the ice, essential equipment, and cover competition expenses. By starting this campaign, you are not only pursuing your dreams on the ice but also inviting others to be a part of your journey, creating a community of supporters who believe in your talent and aspirations. Together, I aim to turn my passion for figure skating into a reality, and this campaign serves as a platform for those who share your vision to contribute to your success.


- 8x National Champion
- First, ever New Zealander to land the 3A and quad jumps
- Australian International Team


This campaign holds immense personal significance for me because it represents a pivotal step toward realizing my dreams in figure skating. It serves as a means to overcome financial barriers that could otherwise hinder your progress in the sport. By launching this campaign, I am actively taking control of your destiny on the ice, seeking the support needed to access top-notch coaching, sufficient training time, and essential resources.
In essence, this campaign is a manifestation of my determination to break barriers, reach new heights in figure skating, and create a pathway for others who share your passion to contribute to your success. It is an affirmation that your dreams are worth pursuing, and with the backing of this campaign, you are building a foundation for a brighter and more fulfilling future in the world of figure skating.

Thank You

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your generous support and sponsorship. Your contribution has played a pivotal role in fueling my journey in figure skating, and I am genuinely touched by your belief in my dreams.

Your commitment goes beyond financial assistance; it is a powerful vote of confidence that propels me forward on the ice. With your support, I have been able to access essential coaching, training, and resources, bringing me closer to my goals in the world of figure skating.

I want you to know that your sponsorship is not just an investment in my athletic pursuits but also in the dreams and aspirations that drive me. Your belief in my potential inspires me to push harder, reach higher, and strive for excellence.

As I continue to skate and compete, please know that your name is woven into every routine, every jump, and every spin. You are an integral part of my journey, and I carry your support with pride and gratitude.

Once again, thank you for making a significant impact on my figure skating endeavours. I am incredibly fortunate to have you in my corner, and I look forward to sharing my progress with you along this exciting journey.

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