Jed Radbone

I’m fairly new into the sport of triathlon but already seeing a progression to an elite level. The purpose of my campaign is to create awareness around my unique story into the sport and gain exposure and possible financial support which will in turn, help me grow and develop into the athlete and person I know I can be.

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At the age of 12 I was involved in a serious farm accident, breaking my pelvis in four location, almost costing me my life and ability to walk.
Since then I have always expressed my gratitude for being able to train and be fit, which then lead onto my passion for long course triathlon – a very demanding endurance sport.
The accident almost costing me my life is the driving factor behind my motivation to want to succeed in long course triathlon. The odds were against me at a young age and, already, I’m proving to myself and others the importance of determination and resilience. I have ambitions of creating a platform surrounding my story, to support others in similar situations.
With the platform I’m building and along with achieving some race results, I want to offer presentations for my story to be shared. My story isn’t unique at all, people get injured and hurt all the time, what’s unique about my story is overcoming the adversity to achieve a goal. I want my story to complement my racing and think it’s powerful enough to motivate others."


Recently finishing 3rd in at the European Championships in Tallinn, Estonia. For me to really grow and develop as an athlete and individual, I need to put myself among the best competitors in the world, this requires me going to Europe. The goal/plan for 2024 is to spend 6-7 months in Europe, the limiting factor is financial stability. Currently I’m working night fill at a grocery story to help save money to support myself on this journey, I’m investing heavily. It’s a two way street and I would love to help anyone that is willing to help me.

Health Focus

It’s important for me to be able to share my story, get my message out and perform at races. This fundraising campaign can be important to me as it’s another platform for me, which will ultimately complement my platform that I’m currently building.

Thank You

I can’t thank the people that are willing to help me enough, without the help of others it would be very hard for me to achieve my goals. Triathlon may be an individual sport on its day but it’s the team of people around me that make it possible and special. Thank you very much.

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