Jonnie Shen

Hi, My name is Jonnie. I'm a 4-2 Muay thai fighter in the 66kg-67kg division training out of Riddlers gym. Have trained consistently for about 4 years and started fighting 2 years ago.

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To be a champion. Live a life with stories.
Started training muay thai when I was 23 and believe that it is never too late to start something and be good enough to be able to compete at it. My first sparring session I got beat up by a girl half my size so I did not have natural talent whatsoever. However I am able to compete today through my hardwork and commitment to change and get better.
Drive and passion: To live up to my potential and have no regrets later in life. To live a life where I took risks and proved that it was possible.


Competed in a pro fight in Muay Thai League in the gold coast. I am proud to have had 6 fights as before I never thought I would even have one.

Health Focus

In the end health and time is your biggest asset. Without health even all the riches in the world are worthless. Physical health is important as I believe your body is a part of your mind. The stronger/healthier your body the stronger/healthier your mind is. I train 5 days a week, put importance in my sleep, do cold exposure, do not eat junk food too often, stretch daily and try to get enough sunlight.

Thank You

A big thank you for everyones support.

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