Julian Ng

Hi, my name is Julian, but everyone calls me Julz. I'm an indoor and outdoor climber, but my passion lies in climbing outdoors. If I'm not climbing, you can find me in the gym, benching or doing deadlifts, as there's something fun about lifting heavy weights.

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I never imagined that a pair of climbing shoes could become such a significant part of my life. With an average cost of $200, they were undeniably pricey, but as a passionate climber, I knew they were worth every penny. The money from Community Quest would inevitably find its way towards yet another pair of climbing shoes, as they have a relatively short lifespan of about six months, even shorter if subjected to outdoor use. But what made this seemingly costly hobby so irresistible to me? Let me take you on a journey to the beginning.

It all started when my friend Lachie introduced me to the world of climbing. On that fateful day, he brought me to Adrenaline Vault, a newly opened climbing gym. From the moment I set foot inside, something captivated me. The art of solving climbing problems and the vibrant community surrounding it drew me in, and I haven't looked back since. The thrill of challenging myself on indoor walls soon spilled over into the great outdoors.

Prior to discovering climbing, I had never been much of a traveller. But now, nearly five years into this exhilarating sport, I find myself venturing to places I never thought I would. I've driven to scenic destinations like Margaret River, Albany, Denmark, and Kalbarri, all in pursuit of the perfect climb. And I'm not one to shy away from discomfort either. I've endured nights of camping in the pouring rain, enduring bone-chilling cold, and enduring scorching temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, all for the sake of being closer to the crags.

As I reflect on my journey, I realize that climbing is more than just a hobby. It has become a way of life, shaping my character and influencing the choices I make. The camaraderie I share with fellow climbers, the exhilaration of conquering new heights, and the sense of freedom that comes from scaling vertical walls—it's all worth every dollar spent on climbing shoes and every ounce of effort put into my adventures.

Health Focus

I'm the type of person who thrives on being out and about, always seeking new adventures to keep life exciting. One of my favorite ways to challenge myself physically is by lifting heavy weights. There's something exhilarating about pushing my limits and feeling the rush of endorphins as I conquer each set. It keeps me on my toes, constantly striving for progress and growth.

But it's not just weightlifting that keeps me active; I'm also an avid climber. Projecting and conquering challenging routes is both a mental and physical test for me. The feeling of accomplishment when I reach the top is unmatched. It's in these moments that I truly feel alive.

Now, when it comes to eating, I have to admit that I'm not known for having the best diet. However, I do make a conscious effort to eat as clean as I possibly can. I believe that what I put into my body is fuel for my workouts, and the better the fuel, the better my performance will be. So, I try to prioritize whole, nutritious foods that provide me with the energy and nutrients I need to excel in my active lifestyle.

Thank You

Dear supporters, contributors, and potential shoppers,

I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support. Your belief in my shop and the products I offer means the world to me. Whether you have made a purchase, shared kind words, or simply shown interest in what I do, please know that your support has not gone unnoticed.

Your contributions have helped me pursue my passion and turn it into a reality. Your encouragement has given me the confidence to push boundaries, innovate, and create products that I am truly proud of. I am constantly inspired by your enthusiasm and the impact you have on my journey as a small business owner.

To those who have yet to make a purchase but are considering supporting my shop, I extend a warm invitation. Your potential patronage holds tremendous value, and I assure you that I am committed to delivering products of the highest quality. By choosing to shop with me, you are not only supporting a small business but also becoming a part of a community built on creativity and shared values.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your support. Whether you are a loyal customer, a contributor, or a potential shopper, your presence in my journey makes a difference. I am deeply grateful for each and every one of you, and I am excited to continue this incredible adventure together.

- Julz

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