Maddilyn Gymnastics

A group of talented gymnasts who attend College Park Gymnastics Academy who have been selected to represent WA, along with other clubs in the International Gymnastics Competition this year in May 2024. The competition is held and conducted by Prime International Gymnastics Competition in Singapore.
The girls will be competing against 7 different countries from around the world, all of the gymnasts who have been selected to compete have been training extremely hard to enhance, master their skills, routines and performances to achieve the best possible outcome. The girls are aged from 8 years old to teenagers and train a minimum of 9+ hours per week.
We are trying to fundraise enough to assist the gymnasts with the cost of travel, uniforms, competition fees and any other gymnastics relatable expenses for the competition.Any help is greatly appreciated by all of the gymnasts, coaches and parents.

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We are trying to fundraise as much as possible for these young talented gymnasts athletes to help them achieve the best possible outcomes whilst competing in this once of a lifetime experience and opportunity for them. By donating, contributing or sponsoring these young girls, would be a greatly appreciated by all of the gymnasts, coaches and parents as all of the fees and costs associated with the International Competition all add up significantly to the overall expenses. This International competition could potentially open further opportunities to compete in various other competitions that represent Australia such as the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.


  • Previously College Park Gymnastics Academy has trained and had gymnasts compete in commonwealth games.

  • College Park have been operating for over 30 years.

  • The gymnasts are all various ages, the youngest being 8 years old and oldest are teenagers.

  • The athletes have won numerous team and individual awards from state and national competitions.

  • The competition is held by Prime International Gymnastics in Singapore this coming May 2024.

  • The girls will be competing against 7 different countries from around the world.

  • Help to cheer on our talented gymnasts, to bring home the GOLD!!

  • Once in a life opportunity to compete against other countries and open further potential opportunities for competitions nationally, worldwide and internationally.


My daughter Maddilyn started initially in recreational gymnastics at 5 years old at College Park Gymnastics Academy. After a short period of time the coaches could see Maddilyns ability and potential to progress further, so she was offered a place in the national level squad teams. During the years of Maddilyn being a student at College Park Gymnastics Academy, her skills, dedication, development, commitment and passion for Gymnastics were clearly evident. This could be observed from her performances and her competitions within the state, that are held throughout the year. The national level Maddilyn is in, her and her team mates have one 1st and 2nd place for the overall whole as a team and Maddilyn has won 1st place as an individual. I am passionate about helping to find, build and create as many connections through fundraising, donations or sponsors as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity not only for my daughter but also all of the other gymnast athletes who have been selected to represent WA in the International competition.

Thank You

Thank you to all supporters who have shared, donated, supported &/or sponsored the gymnasts from College Park Gymnastics Academy. We have an immense amount of gratitude for your help by supporting our athletes and helping to cheer them on. Every little bit helps to ensure we can provide the most valuable training and resources to these young girls who are representing our state.
A big thank you to Community Quest by giving the talented gymnasts athletes a helping hand and promoting this competition, we are very grateful for your support and help.

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