Our team at Zleepmode is on a mission to optimize performance through quality sleep. We have studied the importance of sleep for athletes, and combined this insight with technology and science-backed ancient breathwork to create an all-natural performance enhancer.

We understand that sleep is the most critical factor for athletes when it comes to recovery and performance. Our goal is to provide athletes with the mental and physical restoration they need each night to meet the cognitive and physical demands of training and life.

At Zleepmode, we recognize that the brain and the central nervous system are the key to unlocking an athlete's potential, and that quality sleep is the most important factor for success.

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Zleepmode stands out for its commitment to providing natural, low-tech solutions to aid sleep, recovery, and cognitive function for active bodies. The Zleep Pod, with its innovative design, offers a unique approach to enhancing sleep quality and optimizing recovery without relying on medications or complex technologies.

What sets Zleepmode and the Zleep Pod apart is their emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness. By incorporating techniques like the 4-7-8 method and utilizing an inbuilt recovery light, Zleepmode provides natural tools to induce sleep and promote relaxation. This low-tech approach ensures that users can experience the benefits without complicated setups or dependencies on external devices.

Additionally, the Zleep Pod's compact and durable design adds to its uniqueness. It is specifically crafted to be a portable sleep aid, allowing users to enjoy its benefits wherever they go. Whether it's for travel or daily use, the Zleep Pod provides a convenient solution that fits into active lifestyles.


- Shortlisted to appear on Shark Tank AU 2023
- Worked with global sport stars to optimise sleep
- Sponsored events in collaboration with NBA players for Cancer council children and the Koori Basketball academy.

Health Focus

Zleepmode is passionate about health and wellbeing because they believe that quality sleep and optimal recovery are fundamental pillars for overall physical and mental wellness. We are dedicated to providing natural solutions that enhance sleep, aid in recovery, and contribute to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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