Zleep Pod
Zleep Pod
Zleep Pod
Zleep Pod


Developed and tested by athletic insomniacs, the scientifically designed Zleep Pod will prime the mind + body for a restful recovery sleep in minutes.


  • Built-in recovery light integrates the powerful 4-7-8 breathing sequence to induce sleep quickly

  • Unique selection of white-noise for the complete sensory sleep experience

  • Soft touch key technology allows for easy audio and light customisation

  • Multiple volume settings for complete audio control

  • Auto-shutdown functionality for power saving

  • Visual breathing guide that slows breathing and induces relaxation for sleep

  • All-natural sleep solution combines science backed breath work and low-tech technology

  • Compact design built for travel


100% Natural

We believe in sleep and we believe in achieving deep sleep naturally. This revolutionary sleep tool is game-changing. You have our word.


Backed By Science

Increased muscle recovery

The Zleep Pod induces deep sleep, promoting blood flow through the muscles, carrying oxygen and nutrients to help repair damaged muscles and regenerate cells for deep recovery.

Increased energy levels

Zleepmode's low-tech solution enhances user sleep to promote a surge in Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is crucial for transporting energy necessary for physical activity.

Reduced risk of injury

The risk of muscle injury increases as a result of fatigue and a decrease in the duration of sleep. Research shows that sleep extension helps to improve performance, pain sensitivity, and anabolic responses, which are beneficial in accelerating recovery from muscle injuries.




Activate recovery light

Place the Zleep Pod on a surface next to the bed and activate the Recovery Light. Make sure the room is dark.


Get comfortable

Adopt a comfortable and relaxed position on your back, ensuring you have a clear view of the recovery halo light reflected on the ceiling.


Breathe & Sleep

Synchronize your breathing with the illuminating recovery light and enter a state of total relaxation, essential for a deep, restful sleep, in just minutes.

Why Zleep POP

  • Low Tech
Enhance sleep quality with our recovery light, emitting minimal light that won't disturb sleep. Unlike devices emitting blue light, it preserves melatonin production for optimal sleep

  •  Low-risk

We prioritize developing a safe, effective, enjoyable sleep aid for optimal rest.

  • Low-cost

Experience Zleepmode's mission: Delivering an effective, all-natural, sustainable sleep solution. Scientifically proven and no recurring costs - pay once for the Zleep Pod.


The importance of falling asleep fast

Falling asleep quickly facilitates the progression through each sleep stage.

Sleep Latency

Sleep latency is the time it takes to fall asleep, which can impede Sleep Efficiency if prolonged.

The Zleep Pop helps to regulate the body's circadian rhythm which can help to improve the quality and duration of sleep.


$98.95 AUD

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