Liv Muay Thai

Hi, my names Liv and I have been training in Muay Thai since I was 5 years old and fighting since age 12. Along with Muay Thai, I also play football (AFL) and do strength and conditioning training.

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My current goal is to bring home a medal from the IFMA Youth World Muay Thai Championships in September. I will be representing Australia for the second year.
I want to have as many fights as possible and travel with my Muay Thai.
I am committed and dedicated to the work needed to succeed.

I am passionate about Muay Thai and my future career. I enjoy the focus, the hard trainings and the rewards. I learn from every experience, even the tough ones.
My ultimate goal is to qualify for the 2032 Olympics, my small goals along the way are to keep getting better with each fight and each experience.


I am currently sitting on 6 fights, 3 which were losses and 3 wins - out of those 3 wins, 2 were by TKO. I competed in the Australian Nationals in 2022, where I won gold and I am the current Australian Champion for my age and weight.

1. Australian National Champion

2. Rank 9th in the World IFMA Junior Muay Thai Fighter

Health Focus

I feel being healthy and active is important for not only your body and how you look, but also your mental health and the way you feel daily.
Eating nutritious foods that fuel my body is important to me as I need the energy and also it helps with recovery. I take supplements that help with my physical wellbeing and also engage in activities such as saunas and ice baths to help me with longevity in my chosen sport.

Thank You

Thank you everyone who has supported me this far and continues to support me each year.

Thank you to the HSS Team for coming on board and supporting my growth as a young athlete.

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