Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask
Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask
Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask
Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask
Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask
Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask
Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask
Dreamy Sounds Sleep Mask

SleepEZ is an all-in-one sleep mask that blocks out light and lets you listen to your favorite music & podcasts through it's built-in wireless headphones.


Drift away to a world of soothing sounds, SleepEZ is engineered to be your perfect sleep companion.


  Total Blackout
Maximum Eye Comfort
Immersive Audio
Advanced Breath-ability


Meet your Snugly Sleep Sidekick.

Simple, seamless Bluetooth headphones.

  • 2 nights from a single charge. Nap time, all the time.
  • Fuss-free, easy control panel. Made for all sleepers. (Side sleepers, too. Yay.)
  • Total blackout. (For a total knockout, too.)
  • Airy, breathable, durable fabric. Lasts for lots of premium naps



Comfy Cushioned Headphones

Engineered to be worn comfortably all day and night for an interruption-free sleep. Plus adjustable to suit all ear types.


Zip, Zlich, Zero Pressure

Ultra-soft, breathable materials moulded to sit seamlessly, evenly, and dreamily on your face–no matter your preferred sleep position.



Endlessly Adjustable Straps

Get comfort control at your fingertips. An endlessly adjustable strap that doesn’t play favouritesfor a snug yet comfy fit on your face



Why is this mask important?

The world's professional snoozers agree on one thing—light and sound disturbances derail dreams.

Studies show that light can slow melatonin production, and nighttime noise can cause frequent wake-ups, which is why it is so important to eliminate light and noise from your sleep environment.

Even small amounts of light & disruptive noise i.e partner snoring, loud neigbours, high traffic areas can hinder our ability to sleep.


Blockout light for those extra ZZZ's

To boost melatonin levels, a mask that completely blocks out light will help you fall asleep faster and provides a deeper more restorative sleep.


Most traditional sleep masks don't consider sound

While it may appear counterintuitive to use sound to fall asleep, listening to the right sounds helps us relax and stabilises our hormones (melatonin, serotonin, and cortisol).

Listening to soothing music, ASMR, white noise, or meditational guides creates a calming effect to relieve stress and anxious thoughts that may be impacting our ability to sleep.


Made for all sleepers. Light sleepers. Deep sleepers. Side sleepers. Back sleepers.

We recognize that wearing a sleep mask for a long period should be a comfortable experience.
Everyone has a unique sleeping preference, so our sleep engineers have dreamt up a perfect mask that can be worn comfortably all night (or day) long.


 Sleep Mask Type :

Comfy Cushioned Headphones


Total Light Blockout


Adjustable Straps

✔️ ✔️

Memory Foam Padding


Machine Washable

✔️ ✔️

Ultra-Soft Fabric

Zero Eye Pressure ✔️


$98.95 AUD

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