BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases
BlackRoll Recovery Pillow Duo Pack | 2X Memory Foam Pillows + Cases


This bundle includes:

2x BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW (including climate pillowcase and carry bag) + 2x Extra pillowcases - Grey (.

  • For at home and on the go – Roll it up and take the comfort of your own pillow where ever you go for optimum recovery every night

  • Promotes healthy sleep and sleep routines

  • Ergonomic neck bow and head moulding

  • Two sides for four sleeping positions

  • Practical, comfortable, lightweight and hygienic

  • Made in Germany - according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

  • German Design Award Winner 2020 

Sleep is the core of recovery in sports and everyday life. Both competitive athletes and people who want to be successful at work and in everyday life benefit from better sleep. The RECOVERY PILLOW improves sleep through its ergonomic and active breathing properties, but is also part of your sleep routine, reminding you to consciously deal with sleep. The pillow can be the starting point of a lifestyle change where you begin to perform conscious routines before sleeping and sleep better and healthier.


Many people struggle to sleep, especially if their sleeping environment is constantly changing due to frequent travel. As a result, they feel tired, dull, and lacking energy during the day. Those who suffer from sleep disorders often go for coffee, sweets, or soft drinks to stay awake to some extent

Caffeine and sugar however boost the cortisol level, which can disrupt your day-night rhythm. Cortisol is a stress hormone that inhibits the formation of the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin is released after dusk, especially between midnight and 2 am in the morning.

The sleeping environment can also disturb your sleep. This is not just your mattress and pillow, but also (blue) light sources (smartphones,.

laptops) that promote the release of cortisol.
What many people do not know: chronic sleep disorders not only affect our cognitive abilities – they can also affect physical fitness. You need sleep to be awake and fit during the day.

Sleep routines help you to sleep better at night. These include, above all, reducing the amount of caffeinated and sugary beverages and food, switching off disturbing light sources in the bedroom and adhering to fixed bedtimes in order to harmonize the circadian rhythm.

The RECOVERY PILLOW is a quality pillow for every night at home, but it is also small, handy, and incredibly light so it can travel with you. It can be rolled up to save space when you travel. Maintain your sleep routine - everywhere.


The BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW is extremely small and handy, just 50 x 30 centimetres. Due to its dimensions and the fact that you can roll up the pillow in a few easy steps, you always have your personal relaxation and recovery tool with you. Especially when traveling, so you sleep better in unfamiliar beds and feel at home. Consistent sleeping conditions and sleep routines ensure a healthy sleep, so you are awake, rested and energetic in the morning.

Since the pillow can be rolled up to save space, it fits into any travel bag. The elastic, breathable high-tech memory foam ensures that the pillow retains its original shape every time you unroll it. Thanks to the dirt-repellent carrying bag, the pillow remains hygienically clean, and you can wash the carrying bag and the pillow case at 40 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to its elastic material, the BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW can be optimally adapted to your natural sleeping position and thus prevents tension in the neck and shoulders. Whether on your back, stomach, or side: thanks to its differently shaped sides and the differences in height, the pillow allows four different sleeping positions, supporting the head and neck and protecting the muscular and fascial structures.

The ergonomic neck curve and head recess are particularly suitable for back sleepers because the head sinks gently and the neck is supported. Side sleepers can use the more arched and somewhat firmer part of the pillow, while the back of the pillow is suitable for people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs.


Due to its breathable high-tech memory foam, the pillow is extremely shape consistent even after rolling it up for travel frequently. The innovative features and shapes are a result of extensive R&D work in conjunction with leading sleeping scientists and experts. The pillowcase is washable to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. The material is breathable, fast-drying and structured by fine ventilation channels, which ensure adequate ventilation inside the foam core. With a size of just 50 x 30 centimetres, BLACKROLL® has developed an extremely effective, compact cushion that can be rolled up when travelling and stored in a practical and hygienic pillow carry bag.

During production, BLACKROLL® remains true to its standard of using only environmentally friendly, pollutant-free materials to manufacture its products. The BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW is produced in Germany near Stuttgart and is certified according to the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.


If you are someone who would like to perform at your optimum during the day and get the best possible recovery in your sleep then this pillow is for you. It can be especially valuable for athletes or business professionals who are frequently travelling. Because with the PILLOW in the travel bag you are taking a familiar and constant part of your sleeping environment with you and you can establish a constant sleeping routine that works everywhere.

By the way: Due to its high-tech memory foam material, the BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW is also ideal as a meditation pillow!


Those who have trouble sleeping at night or have an unsettled sleep should consider adjusting to a routine that contributes to restful sleep and better recovery. The BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW is ideal in this respect. You can take it with you wherever you go and combine it with the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL and BLACKROLL® MINI to relax before bedtime. Try it out and experience it yourself! We wish you a good night!



Routines are vital for good sleep. According to experts, they are the best remedy for sleep disorders. In addition to the right sleeping environment, BLACKROLL® offers you routines that can improve your sleeping behavior. We have put together this routine for you so that you can start relaxing right away. Over time, you'll be able to create your own exercise routine with tools that will do you good. So you can release your tensions in a way that works for you. It is important to roll slowly and exhale twice as long as inhaling.

Fall asleep well with BLACKROLL® products

  • Start your sleeping routine by brushing your teeth. For additional relaxation and sleep preparation, slowly and gently lay down on the floor and roll your back and neck with the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL and release tension in these sensitive areas. The more you can relax the easier it will be to fall asleep.

  • Sit comfortably on the floor in your bedroom. You can stretch your legs out or cross them. Now inhale deeply and exhale deeply and make sure that the exhalation is about twice as long as the inhalation.

  • Sleep in a dark room and enjoy the comfort of the BLACKROLL PILLOW

  • Start the morning with a very simple and quick sequence of movements utilising the DUOBALL or any other BLACKROLL® tools you have got handy 

  • Click here to watch a short clip for inspiration


  • 2x PILLOW (open): 50 x 30 x 11 cm, 900 g
  • 2x TRAVEL BAG: 65 g
  • PILLOW (rolled up in BAG): 30 cm length x 17 cm diameter, 965g each

  • 2x BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW including climate case
  • 2x Extra pillow case white (cotton)

  • The highest product quality
  • Product protected by trademark


  • Pillowcase and travel bag washable (up to 40°C)
  • Pleasant scent due to sustainable production with natural oils - instead of the standard chemical process
$329.89 AUD

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